The Emperor's New Clothes
(Story Book with your voice)

Welcome to an enchanting world where stories come alive through your voice! Introducing our beautifully printed children's book, fantastic as kids' gifts or just for your bookshelf!

Add your voice to this classic tale with a great moral lesson and delight the whole family!
> perfect for ages 4-12
> 36 pages story, with fun activity section
> shipped within 24 hours

How it works:
1.Scan the QR code in the book
2.Narrate the story using your phone
3.Your voice will always be attached to the book!

Experience Classic Magic: The Emperor's New Clothes

Explore a fresh take on 'The Emperor's New Clothes,' reimagined in 36 pages of original text and breathtaking illustrations. This unique edition invites both young and old to experience a familiar tale like never before.

How does it work?

Make printed books come alive with the power of your own voice!

Scan QR code to Start

Open the book, find the QR code and scan it with your phone.

Record Your Story

Record yourself reading the story
using the TELL app.

Share and Enjoy the Magic

Now you can gift the book and your voice will always be attached to it.

A Beautifully illustrated edition of the Hans Andersen classic!

Complete with a fun activity section "fit for an emperor"!

Integrates with the TELL app to add your voice to the book

Why TELL's Audio Book

Immersive Gift

Watch your child's face light up as they are captivated by your voice narrating their favorite story, making every reading session an interactive learning session.


The printed audio book allows you to immortalize your voice within the pages, creating a keepsake that grows with your child.


Give your children the joy of personalised storytelling, creating a heartfelt connection that is timeless.

Bonding Moments

Capture the essence of your family's love and warmth by recording a narrated voice through a QR code in the book
Ian M.
Dad of a 2-year old
The interactive children's book has become our salvation during long trips and evenings at home. The kids can't wait to go through all the pages and explore all the app's features.
Mukul S.
New dad!
Preserving the memory for my children and grandchildren is one of the most difficult tasks for me. I was looking for a modern idea. This service helped me to make my dreams come true.
Khumari T
Surprising your children each year with gifts is a difficult task. I saw an advertisement for this app and realized that this is what I have been looking for for years. Inexpensive price and amazing, interesting results.
Mom of 2 girls

Be forever present with a gift that keeps giving

Capture your voice in a personalized book—a gift to be treasured by your children anywhere, anytime, forever.

Transform storytelling into an everlasting legacy.

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