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What is Tell?

Tell is an App that allows you to record and share great stories with your family and friends, from anywhere in the world.

How does Tell work?


A classic children’s story for the kids, or your own personal memory


With friends or family


From anywhere and store recordings safely, forever

Narrate classic children’s fairytales from the world’s most famous authors, or record your own personal memories to keep safe, forever. Tell records your voice so you can share your story and connect with the ones you love, even when you’re apart.

Listen to stories in audio-only, or choose to playback alongside stunning illustrations, hand-drawn by a curated selection of Tell artists. Every story is unique!

There is always a story...

Tell is for everyone. Build your own memory archive with friends and family, and create story circles so you stay connected. Tell the ones you love about the first time you met your partner, or the day your child was born. Hear from your friends and family the most significant days in their lives – and keep all of these stories stored safely on the App to pass down to future generations.

The possibilities are endless!

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