The Power of Shared Stories

There's a real intimacy in sharing tales by speaking and listening that is impossible to recreate through more individual experiences of reading or watching. That's why it’s a medium so closely associated with family and close communities.

Our mission

Preserving connections across distances

In a world where our loved ones are spread across cities, countries, and time zones, TELL is dedicated to preserving and recreating the profound intimacy of shared stories and cultural heritage.

Revitalizing heritage and wisdom

With a mission to revolutionize Early Childhood Development, TELL harnesses the transformative power of voice and storytelling. We're not just sharing stories; we're enabling bonding, wisdom, and cultural heritage to flourish in modern times.

Finding rootedness in a rapid world

Today’s children risk losing touch with their cultural roots, leaving them impressionable and vulnerable to fleeting trends. TELL confronts this challenge head-on by helping children and families understand and love their personal histories.

Giving you your personal story engine

TELL is more than just an app; it's the digital analog to the 10,000-year history of human oral storytelling. Here, you can create a 'story map'—a dynamic tapestry of tales that connect you to your roots and enrich your sense of family and identity.

Going beyond ancestry

While platforms like focus on genealogy, TELL emphasizes the stories that define us — bringing to life the heritage that shapes our identity and future.

The story weavers

We are five innovators from ten different countries! ...with rich backgrounds in media, technology, health, and fitness, and experience scaling companies to over $200+ million ARR. Our team shares a profound passion for heritage. United in our mission, we aim to rejuvenate the timeless art of storytelling, transforming it into a digital legacy for future generations.

Transform storytelling into an everlasting legacy.

Download TELL and join us in redefining storytelling. Start creating, sharing, and preserving your stories now