The First Story

Once upon a time The kid inside an adult had a wonderful idea:
to create a machine with all the voices in the world.
A machine full of stories, of monsters, heroes, bears and birds,
Told by the people we love.
He was convinced this would be a mighty machine,
That could make people laugh, cringe or cry.
That would expand our horizons to far flung places…
But the most powerful power of this machine would be to help people
connect with others around them, and others that are not around.
So he put the plan into action.
First, he needed friends.
and then, the best tales in the world.
They worked hard, days and nights, summers and winters until they finally built it,
the most human machine in history.
fuelled by stories, Operated by loved ones.
To produce memories and feelings and happiness.
A machine that got everyone together.

Tell. Audiovisual stories narrated by loved ones.