AUGUST 22 Competition
TELL launches its
Narration Competition on 1st August

 To all aspiring Narrators. Welcome to the first ever Tell Narration Competition.
This week's theme is... Thor!
In honour of the mighty God’s return to the big screen we are inviting you to try your own hand at telling some of his epic story.

Whether you are a fan of Thor in his role as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes alongside the Avengers, or you are interested in his origins amidst the nine realms of Norse mythology, Thor is undeniably one of the most charismatic characters of all time.

So we have selected three stories about the enigmatic God of Thunder, as well as his father (The All-father) Odin, for you to choose between.

Using the TELL app, record yourself narrating one of the following stories and share it with us for a chance to win a £200 cash prize:
  • The Legend of Thor's Hammer
  • Thor Visits the land of the Giants
  • The Story Of Odin

The winner will be selected the week of August 15th 2022.

Good luck and may the worthiest among you prevail!
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