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The Indian Heritage app lets you learn about your roots. From traditions, to customs, to recipes, we explain why we do the things we do through the high quality and curated and authentic stories from the people who have been there.
We'll share a cultural heritage treasure. Learn about authentic audio stories from real people with your roots.
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Welcome to an enchanting world where stories come alive through your voice! Introducing the #1 Indian Heritage App, with authentic Indian stories from all walks of life to be treasured for generations.
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Why our app is ideal for Indian diaspora

It is hard to connect to your roots when you're living abroad. Trust us, we have been there. With the Indian Heritage app you can foster a love and sense of belonging no matter where you live.

Transform storytelling into an everlasting legacy.
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"When I immersed myself in my cultural heritage, everything fell into place. Suddenly I understood why I am the way I am. It was like my DNA was dancing to the beat of the drum of my tribe".
Roots in Mumbai, living in London
"It was so incredibly useful to find a community of people with my heritage. I no longer feel like I'm weird, an alien".
Roots in Delhi, living in New York
"This app makes me feel like finally, I'm home. I know where I come from. It's like a weight is off my shoulders. As a matter of fact, I feel like I am standing on the shoulders of giants".
From Bangalore, living in the Netherlands
Our storytellers say...
Having my son use this app, it was like a switch was flicked. He was always ashamed of his Indian Heritage, not feeling like he fits in. Now he finally understands where we are coming from and I can see his pride and appreciation.
Roots in Kochi, living in the US
It's been hard to balance rooting in Dubai, while also giving my children the cultural heritage, education and traditions from India. This app couldn't be more spot on in helping me to help my kids learn about their roots".
Roots in Chennai, living in France
“To be able to record and hear my mother’s life stories and keep them safe for my children to listen to when they’re older is invaluable”
Roots in Ahmedabad, living in Jaipur
Olivia A.
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