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A beautiful classic for your bookshelf
Includes newly created illustrations as well as a fun activity section fir for an Emperor!
Dot-do-dot activities, Draw the other half, Coloring pages and much much more.
How does an audio storybook work?
Think of it as a way to bring printed books come alive with the power of your own voice!

Our First Personalized Audio Storybook: The Emperor's New Clothes

Welcome to an enchanting world where stories come alive through your voice! Introducing our beautifully printed children's book, designed not just to be read but to be treasured for generations.
Why You Should Choose TELL's Personalized Children's Audio Book

Be an emperor in the eyes of your children!

This Christmas, go beyond ordinary gifts and embrace the extraordinary. Make memories that will be cherished for a lifetime with our personalized children's book. Order now and gift your little ones the magic of hearing your voice bringing their favorite stories to life!

Transform storytelling into an everlasting legacy.
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Bernard E.
“Absolutely genius app, makes storytelling intuitive and lifts it into the current century.
Must have for all families with younger kids.”
5 grandkids
“Loads of great short stories that the kids can listen to anytime is such a brilliant idea. Makes car rides or bedtime so much more fun.”
Creative director & mom
Sarah T.
“To be able to record my mother’s life stories and keep them safe for my children to listen to when they’re older is invaluable”
Mother of 3, 5000mi from parents
Olivia A.
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