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The theme changes every month: from narrating one of our TELL Original stories to coming up with your own on a given theme.
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Upcoming & past Competitions
Next Competition: ROMEO AND JULIET
In honour of Saint Valentine, we'd love to hear your best rendition of our 15min version of the Shakespeare classic! DEADLINE FEB 28th!
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Congrats to our Competition WINNERS!
Well done Jai New on your great narration of The Legend of Thor's Hammer.
If you don't have the TELL app yet, check out Jai's profile here!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Meet our Judges
A selection of patrons, actors, authors and story fanatics!
Kara Tointon, Actress
Actress featured on and off screen in countless productions, author, mother of 2 and co-founder of TELL. . Believes in the power of voice and that stories can change the world!
Professor Jamie Tehrani
Professor at Durham University, expert on how culture evolves as it gets transmitted from person to person and from generation to generation.
Klaus White, Author
TELL's lead author, Director with the Primary Shakespeare Company, author of A Journal to Happiness, and What the Tortoise Taught Us, and founder of, LAMDA teacher, singer and comedian.
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