Nothing beats a great story! Listen to the best stories ever told on TELL - from fairytales, myths and legends to modern classics, including TELL’s own Originals, updated for today’s kids. New FREE stories every week!

With TELL, you can also add your own voice to classic tales such as Beauty and The Beast and Alice in Wonderland, or record and share your own custom stories, complete with imagery such as family photographs or mobile phone pictures.

This is a family-friendly app you can share safely to family members, friends and children with their own devices. Choose between private or public profile settings for everyone to enjoy!

Find stories you love - from fairytales, myths & legends to modern classics, including TELL Originals: the greatest stories ever told. The classic stories are fabulous reading and have inspired us to re-interpret them to reflect our changing world. We’ve rewritten and recorded hundreds of stories for families to enjoy, updating them for today’s generation of kids while preserving their timeless charm. Stories old and new not only continue to be fabulous entertainment but also a fantastic way to pass on history, tradition & values - TELL is the world’s storytelling platform.
Are your little ones gathered and you simply need audio stories for kids to keep them entertained? Or to help them fall asleep? Play the stories on your phone or connect the app to any bluetooth speaker and even in your car.

Each story on TELL has its own audio track, but the real beauty comes in narrating your own. TELL makes everyone a storyteller!
Think of it like a place to record your own audiobooks. If you’re away from home or living apart from your children or grandchildren, TELL ensures they don’t miss out on a bedtime story. If you enjoy writing children’s stories, TELL helps you share them. For those with elderly relatives, it’s a lovely way to preserve their memories and life lessons.
Simply choose a story and read the text into the app. Your voice is recorded in small chapters, ensuring a simple slip of the tongue doesn’t undo a few minutes of perfect diction.

Custom stories on TELL provide a blank canvas for your own creativity - from kids inventing a story or recording a book review to Parents preserving their family history and keeping it safe for the next generation to enjoy. Let your imagination run free! Start a podcast!
TELL allows you to easily enhance your stories by adding imagery to your narration, such as family photographs, or pictures from your phone.

TELL makes it fun to share your stories, whether that’s privately with family and friends or publicly with other storytellers, if you so choose. This means there’s always more stories and amazing narrators to discover, and stories to listen to, like, comment, bookmark and re-share! 

  • listen to classic stories and fairy tales from our built-in audiobook library
  • explore wonderful tales from storytellers around the world
  • record stories with ease
  • create your own stories and audiobooks
  • share privately or publicly on your tell profile
  • keep your family memories safe forever

For generations of great family stories and amazing memories…

Media has the power to “teach the good stuff” and controlled screen-time is the key to children thriving. We built TELL as a family-friendly, parent-approved app that brings family members closer together, especially when they’re physically far apart.

Download TELL – the ultimate storyteller app and audiobook maker now for free!

Stories pre-loaded in the app included classic fairy tales, poems, and short stories from authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault or Rudyard Kipling.

Here’s some examples: The Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Frog Prince, Thumbelina, The Emperor's New Clothes, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Bluebeard.

Preserving your stories for you and for future generations is important to us. If you need help using the app, have technical issues, or want to make a suggestion, write to us at or visit

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