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Build a library of your family’s stories, even include pictures, and keep it safe for the next generation to enjoy
See stories in a new light
Unearth the wisdom and philosophy behind the story with our experts and enthusiasts

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Be the voice of your favourite stories

Be the voice of your favourite stories

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Bernard E.
“Absolutely genius app, makes storytelling intuitive and lifts it into the current century.
Must have for all families with younger kids.”
5 grandkids
“Loads of great short stories that the kids can listen to anytime is such a brilliant idea. Makes car rides or bedtime so much more fun.”
Creative director & mom
Sarah T.
“To be able to record my mother’s life stories and keep them safe for my children to listen to when they’re older is invaluable”
Mother of 3, 5000mi from parents
Olivia A.
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