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Discover a vast collection of audio stories, ranging from classic fairy tales to literary masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet, all rewritten for modern kids.

Record your own stories, create memories

Capture and share your voice with loved ones, no matter where they are. Leave a personal legacy by narrating your favorite tales or your family’s unique stories.

Explore Cultural Heritage

Dive into a rich library of traditional and modern tales that celebrate your heritage. Discover other diverse cultures and histories.

Create your personalized story map

Create and explore your own story map that visually represent your family’s history and personal journeys.
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Memory Books

Transform your memories into beautiful personalized books,
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Answer easy questions that help you tell your stories and memories

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Watch as your answers transform into a visually stunning illustrated storybook

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Story Books featuring your own voice!

Add your voice to the pages of your favorite stories. Our beautifully printed children's book are fantastic as kids' gifts or for your own bookshelf!

Discover our first Story Book - The Emperor's New Clothes!

Bond through stories

Deepen your family connections and celebrate your heritage with TELL. Preserve your most precious memories securely for the future. Discover the rich values, lessons, and histories embedded in your family’s tales.

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